Netflix free trial without credit card | How to get Netflix for free forever

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an American company that provides online streaming of movies and TV shows. You can watch your favourite videos, shows or Web series on demand. To try Netflix, you can opt for the Netflix Free Trial and Enjoy Exclusive TV Shows & Movies for Free for 30 Days or more (Netflix Free Trial 1 Month). As mentioned before, Netflix currently offers different plans fulfilling different requirements of the Subscriber. Netflix is providing its services in most of the major countries such as the UK and the US.

Netflix Premium Account Features

  • Enjoy SD, HD & Ultra HD Video Quality
  • Also, Available in Ultra HD Option that can be used on your smart Ultra HD TV.
  • You can use multiple devices like laptops, TV, tablets and smartphones.
  • Unlimited Movies and TV Shows
  • Cancel Netflix Plans anytime

How to get Netflix Free Trial?

Method 1

1. Trial via fake Paypal account.

To use this method, you just have to make a fake Paypal account then follow these steps.
  1. Make a fake Paypal account.
  2. Then connect to the USA VPN(can use any VPN)
  3. Go to add an email account, you can also use temporary mail.
  4. Then click on 30 Days free trial.
  5. Add your information 
  6. And on the Payment method, choose Paypal.
  7. That's it, you entered into your Netflix account. 

2. IBAN Method.

To use this method, you need to have a Germany number you can also use a virtual Germany number, but I prefer you to use a paid virtual number 
  1. First, use fake Iban generator then select Germany then copy the IBAN
  2. then you have to check the IBAN, you can use any IBAN checker
  3. then go to and connect the Germany VPN ( can use any VPN)
  4. then add the email ( can use a temporary email)
  5. add your information 
  6. but on payment method use IBAN
  7. paste the IBAN you copied from the generator
  8. then Netflix asks you to add a number. you have to add the number and send OTP code

3. Add Credit Card  And Cancel Subscription before the last date.

We all know about this, so skip this. 

4. Virtual Credit Card

There was a time when online credit card generators were were used to create fake credit cards, just for unblocking Netflix free trial. But now Netflix has deactivated this feature. Fortunately, Netflix is still accepting the virtual cards which are provided by an online wallet or a bank. This is one more way to unlock Netflix's free trial without using a credit card. To get a virtual card, you will have to complete a simple signup process and place a request. As soon as you receive your virtual card, it can be easily used for registering on Netflix.

5. Use Cookies

this is the final and 100% working trick of using Netflix account there are 2-3 websites that are providing Netflix cookie, We will also provide cookie but not now because there's no support to us but if you support us so we will provide here OR all of yours friends purchase a package and share with each other via password or cookies so this is also a good way to use cookie :)

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